Time is whatever you want it to be

29 March 2023

Time is money.

Time is scarce.

Time is free.

Time is expensive.

Time is abundant.

Time is fun.

Time is whatever you want it to be. Focus on the result and then decide how time is best spent. Every decision deserves the amount of time its best outcome does. Think of the outcome first. That’s the only way we can truly measure the ROI for our time.

I learned this the hard way.

There was a time when every little problem would get my full attention and energy, only until the next problem shows up. This was exhausting, inefficient and harmful, both for my mental health and my business.

Each decision deserves time and attention, relative not to how easy it is to say yes or no, but to the value that is lost or created. The effect of opportunity cost.

Sounds obvious. Not so much when you’re juggling fifty decisions a day.