Mistakes designers make

17 April 2024

We’ve all been there but if you are guilty of doing any of the below, then it’s time to start a new habit. So here are some of the most common mistakes I see designers make and how to fix them.

Not use a spellcheck

This should be easy because there are so many ways of avoiding this nowadays. Yet, I still see well-thought and well-presented work with typos in them. This is not just about writing properly but a typo is a distraction to the viewer. Once a typo is spotted, that’s where the eyes move and of course it also gives an impression of sloppy work.

Attach themselves to their work

This one is a balancing act. In a way you want to inject a personal fingerprint into your work because this is what may set you apart. But at the same time, your work is not you and your work shouldn’t represent you either. It should represent your client and resonate with their customers. The worst consequence is that designers sometimes get personal when receiving feedback as if the feedback is directed to them as individuals. If you don’t detach yourself from your work, then you can neither have an objective point of view, which is critical for designers nor produce work that its main objective is to solve your client’s problems.

Not using keyboard shortcuts

This is more of a general productivity issue, but learning to use shortcuts as you work can save you hours over time. The trick is to make a habit of this and introduce this habit as early as you can in your workflow. So stretch those fingers and make the first move. I believe Save for web in Photoshop is still the one that requires most flex.

Use Lorem Ipsum in their work

To this day I refuse to work with Lorem Ipsum. Design should serve the content and not the other way round. You can’t design something before you understand what you are communicating. Lorem Ipsum is Latin and this might impact the way words break in a paragraph, making an impact on things like column width. You might add the final text later and you’ll notice that the column width needs to change. It’s also important to use copy that is relevant. Working on technical documentation for example, might carry longer words so it needs wider column layouts. Tip: if you’re stuck, speak to your GPT.